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Law & Order Fanfiction Recommendations

Where You Can Find Good L&O Fanfiction

Law & Order Fanfiction Reccomendations
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Sick and tired of digging around Fanfiction.net for good authors? Did you ever just want to find good fanfiction quick and easy? What about finding fanfictions in categories you've never even considered trying? It's happened to me multiple times. So, I created this comm to help you out there looking for good Law & Order fanfictions. This comm is here to recommend Law & Order fanfictions that are worth reading. We have everything from the original series to Trial By Jury. Recommendations are by characters, ships and slash. If it's good Law & Order fanfiction, it's here.

Main Areas Available For Rec'cing Are:
Categories apply to all Law & Orders

Pairings (Het and Slash)

A Recommendation Should Be Posted As Follows:

Subject: Title by Author's Name (Rating)

Rec Category: ie: Character Name, Genre Type, Pairing Names
Pairing: (no abbreviations please)
Category: ie: H/C, Jack McCoy, SVU, etc
Warning: ie: Het, Slash, Character Death (This is a must!)
Author on LJ:
Author's Website:

Why This Must Be Read:

If You'd Like to Recommend:
1. Please read the FAQ & Rules.
2. Check to make sure the category is open here.
2. Comment to this post with what category you'd like to rec for.
3. When you have been approved, start posting!

Any Questions/Complaints/Comments please contact gusthemoose at dragonmyst_2001ATyahooDOTcom.

(Community style, profile and everything else based off of stargateficrec. Thank you for the idea and format.)