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Rules & FAQ

Here are the rules and FAQ for Law & Order Fic Rec. Please make sure to read these before applying to be a rec-er.

1. What is the format for posting a rec?
When posting a rec, please follow this format:

Subject: Title by Author's Name (Rating)

Rec Category: ie: Character Name, Genre Type, Pairing Names
Pairing: (no abbreviations please)
Category: ie: Angst, Jack McCoy, SVU, etc
Warning: ie: Het, Slash, Character Death (This is a must!)
Author on LJ:
Author's Website:

Why This Must Be Read:
Additional notes may be posted here.

2. How many categories can I rec for in a month?
You can rec for thee categories a month. For example, you can sign up to rec for Jack McCoy, Hurt/Comfor, and Elliot/Olivia

3. What are the main categories?

ie: Jack McCoy, Olivia Benson, James Deakins.
ie: Munch & Fin, Briscoe & Logan, Goren & Eames
ie: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance, Action Adventure
ie: Elliot/Olivia, Logan/Barek, Logan/Goren, Alex/Olivia

4. I can't find the category I want to rec for. Where is it?
If you can't find a category, either label your fic rec as Other, or mention it to me, gusthemoose and I will get to adding the category if I think it's needed.

5. Who are the maintainers?
gusthemoose is the maintainer. Always looking for people to help out though. Any questions/complaints/comments please contact me at dragonmyst_2001ATyahooDOTcom.

6. What do I do if a fic has spoilers for new episodes?
Please makes sure all fics with spoilers have a warning in the warning section and any exerpts with spoilers in them behind a LJ cut.

7. The fic I want to rec is actually more than one category. What do I do?
Okay, say I'm rec-ing for Det. Robert Goren and I want to rec Finding the Boss by Laughingly the Lark. This fic is Det. Bobby Goren, but also is Humor and hints at Bobby/Alex. My rec post would look something like this:

Subject: Finding the Boss by Laughingly the Lark (G)

Rec Category: Det. Robert Goren
Pairing: Bobby/Alex
Category: Humor
Warning: NA
Author on LJ: Unknow
Author's Website: Fanfiction.net Profile
Link: (Then a link to the story.)

Why This Must Be Read:

(And a short blurb about why it should be read.)

8. How do I know what's been rec'ced already?
Check the Memories under the category you want to rec for and see if it is posted there.

9. Can I rec my own fics?
No. Every author has a certain bias towards their own fics. Me included. Because of that, you can not rec your own fic. Only reccomend other authors fics.

10. Can I rec a WIP?
Yes, you can, as long as you put "WIP" in the warnings section of your rec post.

Maintainer's Note: This will be updated as I go along. I haven't done anything like this before, and really, I'm sort of making this up as I go along and following what I've see at other fanfiction reccomendation comms. If you have any suggestions as to what I could do to improve this comm please email me at dragonmyst_2001ATyahooDOTcom.
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Tags would rock! (Would email, but something's wrong with mine at the moment.) Tags to go by character, for instance, or series, so you could just do a quick search for all fics that contain "Logan" or "Briscoe" or are about "L&O: Original", etc.
Yeah, I plan to tag things.

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