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Schmuck by B. Cavis (R)

Every Monday, I will try to do a Moderator's Pick for you all. Just to keep things interesting. I'm starting this week off with my favorite ship, of which I am the Captain, and here's some good B/A ficcage.

Rec Category: Pairings
Pairing: Robert Goren/Alex Eames
Category: Romance
Warning: Adult Situations
Author on LJ: b_cavis
Author's Website: Once Upon a Time...
Link: Schmuck

Why This Must Be Read:

Schmuck isn't the first story in this series, but it is my favorite. Something about Bobby's voice in this is just prefect. It's funny and at the same time heart warming. B. Cavis gets just the right note of self-deprecation and longing in this fiction. It's not overly sappy or schmaltzy, which you can get with B/A fics. You don't even have to read the first story in the series to get this one. It's generally an all over good fic with funny moments that make the fluffy ones all the more sweeter.


Thank you!
Thank you for the rec! I have been interested in Eames/Goren fic, but have been afraid to look and see what's out there. I agree with you - Schmuck is definitely a standout.
You're welcome. Keep watching here and see if more people rec fics for it!
Will do!

I'm waiting to get some more canon on before writing, but once I get around to it - can you rec a CI fanfic community?
Well, there's crim_int_fans, feelingcriminal, goren_n_eames though that's not very active, it's still got good things, law_n_order_svu, lo_ficawrd, olivia_elliot are good ones.
I love this story, it's been a while since I read it, but I generally love the entire series ;)
It's a classic, really. I so enjoy it. I just had to make it my first rec.
Oh I loved it! Is there gonna be more?
In this series? There's one more at B. Cavis's website, called Start, I believe. It's the Kept Woman Series.

As for more recommendations, there will be more, if other people post them.

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